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We have now run two 6-month blended learning programs for directors and senior managers. The mix of modular face-to-face training with the ability to customise topics via access to our online learning platform maximises the embedding of new skills and behaviours and the leverage makes it very cost effective.

Each delegate pays £1,500 plus VAT, which includes:

The program will also qualify for grant funding under the Growth Accelerator Leadership and Management training scheme.

Topics covered in F2F training include:

Obviously, the coverage of each area during the F2F training is deliberately light, so that delegates can delve deeper into the subject areas that interest them in between the F2F sessions.

Additional optional topic areas available during 5-month period online:

The online platform has 8-9 full training programs as well as a toolbox with over 150 business tools, each with short HD videos and step-by-step guidance. Part of my role is to act as guide to the delegates to help them access the most appropriate resources to meet their individual needs. I am accessable 24/7 (within reason).

Typical timetable:

Some of the key features and benefits are shown below:

Feature Benefit to delegate Benefit to sponsor
Broad range of leadership and management skills covered Ability to focus on those areas of most interest Delegates will become more rounded individuals with better self-awareness and knowledge of best practice.
Measurable goals for each individual are set at the outset Focus on relevant personal and career outcomes Assurance that there is a clear focus on outcomes to maximise the return on investment.
Blended learning using F2F and online Suits different learning styles.

Face-to-face sessions allow peer networking and bonding with fellow delegates.

24/7 access, allowing you to work at a time that suits you.

Minimise time away from the workplace.

Encourages the embedding of material in work, thus developing better working habits.

Leverage of the online platform makes the program much more affordable.

24/7 Access to learning materials and trainer You will always get supported throughout your learning and will never be stuck.

Bespoke your focus to fill personal knowledge gaps.

No need for intervention from line manager
Responsibility for progress passed to delegates Learn to take control of your own development. Delegates become more independent and comfortable to take responsibility.

They self-assess progress and performance.

Five month timeframe for program Allows time to really learn the material and practice new techniques in the workplace. Maximises the percentage of material that gets traction.
One-to-one interviews at the start to assess training needs. Customise the learning to your own needs, whilst learning/refreshing a broad range of topics. Balance of addressing individual training needs with broad coverage of leadership and management skills.
Debrief at the end of the program Progress transparency.

Chance to reset development path after the program.

Assessment of performance against measurable objectives set at start to focus on outcomes and ROI.
Only senior management will attend. Keeps the content and discussions relevant.

Good chance to bond with and learn from peers.

Ensures the learning is at the right level for the delegate.

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